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Making a Very Practical Game Boy Flash Cartridge

About half a year ago I got excited about doing silly things with game boys. I had just learned about ROM banking and the basics of how game boy cartridges work and I became enamoured with the idea of cramming future technology into a little cartridge to do STUFF!

Shockingly it turns out I wasn't the first person to think of this! People have put all sorts of exciting things into these carts. One person built one with a co-processor to play Wolfenstein 3D. There's the cartridges that lets you use a game boy as a wireless controller. There's even someone who co-opted the cartridge form factor as a convenient way to swap keyboard controllers (I realllly love this one). So, if I was going to join in on this fun, I'd need a way to play.

Conveniently while this excitement was brewing I also happened to be getting into Ben Eater's wonderful videos about building electronics projects on breadboards. So it seemed obvious to do that!

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How do game boy cartridges work?

pins and rom and stuff! Also it depends!

What's a flash cartridges?

You can flash it with new code/games.

What am I going to need?